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How to Summarize Your Job Skills & Qualifications

Matching your job qualifications and skills to those required for the position you want catches the attention of resume scanning software and recruiting specialists. Use action words for describing accomplishments. Produce an information packed resume of no more than one page.

Submit your resume with a cover letter calling attention to how your skills are a match for the job. Using key phrases from the job description can move your resume to the next recruiting stage.

Assemble a list of job duties you perform daily. Examples include customer service, composing and preparing reports and correspondence, assembling goods, supervising employees,and teaching and training. Write a brief description of each skill you've listed:

"Compose and prepare reports and correspondence: Assembled and interpreted data for annual employee satisfaction survey. Wrote 40-page report presented by human resources director to senior management." Add skills acquired during your current and past jobs.Select three to five strong skills that relate to the job or career you're seeking. Specify technology skills. List "Windows 7" instead of "Windows." This demonstrates current skills.

Convince recruiters why you're the best person for the job. Past performance evaluations provide ideas for writing about accomplishments. You're striving to impress recruiters with what you can do and how well you do it: "Exceeded 2010 sales goals by 36 per cent and awarded annual salesperson of the year award in 2008, 2009 and 2010." "Led production team of 10 employees to surpassing performance goals for five consecutive quarters between April 2009 through June 2010." Using superlative words such as exceeded and surpassed indicates that you can not only achieve goals, but perform beyond expectations.

Describe awards, recognition and bonuses received and how you earned them: "Completed due diligence on 4,000 files for mortgage loans acquired from ABC bank two weeks before project deadline." " Found 30 files with inferior underwriting posing substantial risk to XYZ company." " Received employee of the year award for locating these files and rejecting them for purchase by XYZ company." Include numbers and specific information supporting your accomplishments. "Approved 349 loan modifications producing savings of £242,450 compared to the projected cost of foreclosing these loans."


Use clear, direct language and avoid using slang or industry jargon. Include recent experience with technology such as computer applications and software. Highlight skills transferable to a new career if applicable. Focus on work experience applicable to the job for which you're applying. Edit, revise and edit again after revising your resume.


Don't falsify or exaggerate work experience, job duties or accomplishments. Avoid "naming names" or describing negative work experiences.