How to track a moneygram transaction

MoneyGram provides consumers with financial services, such as prepaid credit cards, bill payment, money orders and money transfers. When consumers use MoneyGram services, they can choose whom and where to transfer money to. According to MoneyGram, consumers in 190 countries can use MoneyGram services at 203,000 MoneyGram locations. MoneyGram transactions can be tracked for various reasons, including payment confirmation and status of MoneyGram transfers.

Review your money order stub, which is your MoneyGram receipt for the money transfer. Important details, like the money order number, the time and date of your transaction, will be written on the receipt. You will find the transaction number near the date that you have made your money transmission. Write the money order number and the exact amount that you transferred on a piece of paper.

Contact the MoneyGram automated line, the phone number can be found on the receipt or online on MoneyGram's website. As of 2010, the MoneyGram automated line number is 800-542-3590. When you are dialling the number, you should have your money order number and the exact amount that you transferred. Your call might get cut off if you're not able to enter these details quickly.

Enter the correct money order number and the exact amount that you transferred as it appears on your money order stub. Make sure that you enter the exact amount that you transferred down to the last cent because you might not be able to track your MoneyGram transaction if there is a small error in this area.

Take note of the date that you have made the money transfer. If two weeks have already passed and the person whom, you were supposed to send the money to has not received it yet, you can opt for a refund by filling up a claim card, or you can just request a photocopy.


Be prepared to provide other information about your money transmission just in case.


If you're the one who's receiving the money, then you can also check with the sender regarding the status of the money transfer. You should allow at least two to three weeks of processing time before you track a MoneyGram transaction. Remember that the processing time depends on the date that your money has been sent to you through MoneyGram transaction. You should count the days after the money transmission has been made.

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Things Needed

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Money order number
  • Money order stub
  • Phone
  • Computer
  • Internet access

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