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How to Transfer Money to a French Bank Account

There are different methods of sending money to a French bank account, with one of the most common and secure being a bank wire transfer. Most domestic and French banks are members of the Society of Worlwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), which has more than 9,000 international members. Members are given a SWIFT number that helps direct the funds to the proper institution and receiving account number. Fees for bank wire transfers vary from bank to bank.

Get the account information for the receiving account in France. You will need the account number, the name of the bank and the name and address of the account owner.

Obtain the receiving bank's SWIFT information if the account owner is unable to provide it. This is available directly through the bank upon request.

Go to your bank and request a wire transfer to a French bank. Fill out the transfer form with your account information and the information gathered about the receiving company or individual. Sign the form and submit it to the bank representative.

Allow the bank to conduct the transfers. Wire transfers are often done as a batch transfer in the afternoon. If you missed the cut-off time for your institution, the transfer will happen the next day.

Confirm with the recipient bank owner that the transfer was received and for the correct amount.


Other methods of money transfer include Western Union, PayPal or foreign exchange specialists. These may not be as safe or efficient as a bank wire transfer using SWIFT transfers.

Things Needed

  • Bank account