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How to Transfer Phone Credit

Also called "pay as you go," prepaid phone plans allow users to recharge their minutes, or credits, as they use them. While some providers allow users to receive incoming calls when they are out of credit, having no credit means users cannot place calls. Many wireless providers allow users to transfer credit between phones. Known as airtime remittance, this system allows those who cannot afford buying more credit to get it from a friend or family member.

Dial the transfer number. Wireless providers often print this number on the back of their credit cards. If you are unable to locate the number, visit the provider's website or contact the provider directly. Key in the amount of credit you wish to transfer to the recipient's phone. For example, dial "20" if transferring £13 worth of credit. Finish by dialling the recipient's phone number.

Select the option to compose a new message if your phone provider handles credit transfers via SMS. Consult the provider's instructions for transferring credit. This often involves sending a message such as "Send x credits to xxx-xxx-xxxx (recipient's phone number)" to a number specified by the provider. Other providers send you a PIN via SMS you must communicate to the recipient. The recipient then uses the PIN to cash in the credit at a designated point such as a bank.

Verify the credit transfer was successful. Depending on the particular wireless provider, the recipient may receive the new credit balance via SMS or may have to dial a special number in order to check the balance.


Do not lose the PIN provided to you by your carrier for transfer purposes. Anyone in possession of the number can cash it in.

Things Needed

  • Credit transfer PIN