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How to write a site visit report

Employers seeking to identify the current state of health in their organisation will do a health assessment. Workplace health assessments help identify underlying causes that limit productivity and increase absenteeism. The initial stage of the health assessment is the site visit.

Site visits are observations of the workplace environment done in person by qualified individuals who are able to assess attitudes about health and health programmes established by an organisation. A site visit is not regulatory in nature and it is not about compliance. Two key components of site visits are interviews with management and employees, as well as assessing the work site environment.

Begin your site visit report with a site visit summary. List the site visit team members, places or facilities visited as well as the dates of the site visit. List the number and position of staff interviewed and any follow-up dates or information needed.

Write the introduction narrative that will include the size of the workforce. You will detail the type of jobs or industry and the employee characteristics you found in your site visit.

Describe the programme administration and management. Include the benefits or potential benefits to the company. Explain how to implement the goals of the programme and list the likely costs of the program. Discuss program eligibility, how you will promote the program, and how you will communicate the program to your staff. List the employee committees needed to implement and manage the programme.

Review the current programmes and services of the company to include health, safety and health promotion. Talk about the need for training, education and support for the long-term success of these programmes. Offer insight into assessment and data management of the current or future programmes of the company.

Introduce policies regarding specific risk factor or health or safety issues. This is where you outline risk factors you found or safety issues you encountered during your site visit. Be specific.

List employee health benefits. You will include health-promotion benefits and incentives as well as information and changes to employee health insurance.

Summarise your report and add relevant tables to support your assessment.