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Morgue assistant salary range

A morgue assistant is responsible for helping the attendant or pathologist working in a morgue. The specific jobs that morgue assistants must perform vary depending on the attendants they are working with, but, in most cases, assistants will be required to help assist autopsies and other examinations in the medical office.


The lowest yearly salary a morgue assistant should expect is £14,300. This depends almost entirely on the state the assistant is working in and the amount of activity or duties that the assistant will be performing in the office. Generally, this is reserved for starting salaries or if the assistant is working in a low population area.


The median salary range for a morgue assistant is roughly £19,500 per year. This number takes into account every state in America, so the number is mostly dependent on where the person is working.


The high salary range for a morgue assistant is roughly £23,400. However, this salary is mostly reserved for assistants working in large metropolitan areas that provide a large amount of work. For smaller municipalities, morgue assistants should expect their salary ceiling to be closer to the median range of salaries.

Morgue Attendant

If a morgue assistant gets a promotion to work as a morgue attendant (also known as a pathologist in certain medical offices), he can expect a salary range between £16,250 and £29,250, with a median of about £23,400.

How to Become a Morgue Assistant

To become a morgue assistant, you must first be familiar with the requirements of your state because different state laws require a different amount of education. In most cases, you will need to (at the very minimum) complete a degree as a medical technician before receiving certification by the state you are working in. However, make sure to consult your local morgue to know your specific requirements.