Standard operating procedures for security guards help maintain an effective work environment by clearly outlining the policies and uniform procedures that security guards should adopt and apply to their daily work.

Every company a security guard works for will have a different standard operating policies and procedures (SOP) manual. The guard is required to know and abide by the company's SOP.


A guard should always maintain a professional manner, have a professional appearance and exhibit a positive attitude. Being physically fit is essential to the success of the guard in this field. When dealing with an irate person, the guard should make all attempts to de-escalate the situation and take control.

Standard Operating Procedures Vary with Each Employer

The job of a security guard varies, so it is extremely important for the security guard to know exactly what the employer specifically expects of them. The standard operating procedures for a security guard varies with the type of work that the guard is doing.

If the guard works in uniform, then he is responsible for maintaining himself in a highly visible manner, deter crimes from happening on the property he is overseeing and ensure the people on the property are safe as well.


Security personnel should have in their possession a current security guard license, as well as a current CPR and First Aid card. If the security guard has any additional licenses--such as for a firearm, baton and/or pepper spray--she should have all current licenses on her person at all times.


Security guards have received specialised training in how to respond to emergency situations. They are required to interact and coordinate with the fire department and law enforcement. Any suspicious activity should immediately be reported to the supervisor.

Report Writing

Most security guards are required to write incident reports and keep an accurate daily activity log, which details time, location and a description of events.

Work as a Team

To ensure optimal safety, the security guard needs to work as a team with other security personnel, and not allow any personal differences to interfere with professional relationships. Each guard should be able to rely on one another, especially in the event of an emergency.

Effective communication is critical to safety. Security guards need to communicate with one another so everyone is on the same page.

Chain of Command

A guard should always respect the chain of command and talk directly to his supervisor regarding any issues that concern him.